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The Office Server

Convergent ICT supplies a small, quiet office server which is configured to your business requirements. Typically one server may provide any or all of the following services, but we can add almost anything you might need (talk to us!):

  • Email server: sends, receives and stores email for each person in your organisation. All incoming mail is scanned for viruses and potential spam ("junk mail") is identified. Optionally allows named employees to access their email from outside the company
  • File storage: both personal, private storage areas and group shared areas
  • Web caching: improve the speed of web surfing, and control who has access to the Internet
  • Authentication: username/password checking to allow only authorised employees to access your network
  • Print management: control who can print and to which printers
  • Directory management: keep all email addresses in one place, accessible to all employees, making it cheaper and easier to keep up to date