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Viruses and spam

Hardly a month goes by without some new virus being talked about on the news, and most people have either experienced a virus or know someone who has. At best they are irritating and time wasting; at worst they are disasterous, deleting valuable documents and rendering PCs useless until they can be disinfected.

Another time-waster is spam, or unsolicited commercial email. Often this tries to either sell you products of an illegal or explicit nature, or attempts to persuade you to visit a pornographic web site. Whilst not as potentially damaging as viruses, spam is arguably more irritating and some examples of spam may also upset certain people.

We scan all email for viruses and spam. Any viruses found are removed, and sender and recipient notified. Spam is identified by changing the subject of the email, which allows it to be filtered out from "real" email. The success rate is very high, which allows your business to concentrate on genuine emails.

All this is done automatically and requires no work from you.